What kind of material is it?
Material - Composite (Glass filled Ny6)

How big are the clamps?



Length width  throat Rod diameter
Deckhand 3000 lbs 2(50mm) 2.1(53mm) .5(13mm) 1(26mm)
Reel seat 3000 lbs 1.4(35mm) 2.1(53mm) .5(13mm) 1(26mm)

How strong is it?
3000 lbs. compression load, or clamp force to the rod. 

What rod diameter will the clamps fit?

.75 to 1.20 with some material removed from the throat.

What is slot diameter and slot to slot dimensions?

Do you sell wholesale to tackle shop?

Yes, we do. Please send  us a message if interested.

Patented Pending